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138 Years since Sofia was Declared Bulgarian Capital

Culture 2017/04/06 at 9:00 AM

With a series of evets the City of Sofia marks today 138 years since it was declared capital of Bulgaria.

On 3 April in 1879 (22 March according to the Julian calendar) the Constituent Assembly in Veliko Tarnovo elected the city of Sofia capital of the Principality of Bulgaria.

In figures from 1878 the city had 11,694 residents, 2 schools, 7 churches, 10 inns, 3306 houses, and today it is the country’s largest city and the 15 th largest in the European Union with a population of 1,307,376.

One-sixth of Bulgaria’s industrial production is concentrated in present-day Sofia. The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, many universities, theaters, movie theaters, museums and archeological monuments from Roman times are located in the capital city.


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