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Urban Saints – an Exhibition by Stefan Vasilev

BG Culture 2017/03/27 at 10:00 AM

SoEXHIBITION is loading the walls in SOHO with food for the soul in the form of paintings, photographs and installations.

We present Stefan Vassilev and his project URBAN SAINTS – portrait series of photographs of beautiful ladies, catched on a famous locations in Sofia as a result of the serious overlap of modernism in Bulgarian urban architecture.

Symbolically the exhibition expresses what every creative person is looking for himself without even realizing it.

This may be the moment when you found something meaningful; something that challenges you, inspires you, or making you eagerly to expect the next day, the next situation, the next acquaintance.

Stefan Vasilev is a graphic designer and his creative work has been part of many exhibitions, publications and design books. For most of his professional time he worked in advertising agencies and design studios, and from several months he works as freelance photographer.

About 5 years ago he became interested in photography and began experimenting with ideas and techniques, trying to find a direction in which to feel comfortable while expressing himself.

According to his words, URBAN SAINTS is a series of portrait photographs that he started in 2012. ‘’The idea was to meet and photograph beautiful inspiring women in a very specific iconic way, that not only showcases their charisma and personality but also draws attention to the beauty of urban architecture’’.

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