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EC is Preparing Measures to Increase Cyber Security

BG-EU 2017/09/09 at 5:00 AM

Cybersecurity, counterfeit news and provide broader Internet coverage.

These major European Commission priorities in the field of digital technologies underlined the Bulgarian commissioner Maria Gabriel, according to Trud Newspaper.

Gabriel identified fake news as a problem that directly threatens our democracy and society.

The European Commissioner also commented on the forthcoming creation of a common European cybercrime coordination mechanism to protect citizens from blackmail and data theft.

, ‘There is no Member State capable of dealing with such a phenomenon alone. It is very important in individual member states to have teams ready to react so that what happened at WannaCry does not happen again.

Bulgaria has become a top destination and a leader in the field of the new technologies, according to her words.

According to data of one of the leading IT companies Cisco, Bulgaria ranks 3rd in Europe and 10th in the world in terms of the number of certified IT experts per capita.

10 years after Bulgaria’s accession to the European Union that industry grew with 600%.

From a regional leader Bulgaria can become a global leader thanks to its young people, Commissioner Gabriel further pointed out.

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